Your Industry
Comes 1st

[su_expand more_text=”+ more info” less_text=”close” height=”70″ text_color=”#4d555a” link_color=”#9fa1a3″]When it comes to our expertise supplying and supporting BC’s Trades & businesses.
In resources, we shine and you will too. From value and pro, to any ‘diy’-er, our team educates yours for a better fit all around.

Construction, plumbing, and electrical contractors have found their home with us
– so you know you’re getting tried-and-true tools, equipment and knowledge to increase your efficiency – and margin.

We thrive on building excellence from within, understanding your needs and keeping you on schedule.
We fit your industry. [/su_expand]

Stability +
Longevity Wins

[su_expand more_text=”+ more info” less_text=”close” height=”70″ text_color=”#4d555a” link_color=”#9fa1a3″]For your projects & applications, being BC’s LARGEST Independent Industrial supplier means we are here to last – offering support, service, convenience and growth.

Established over 60 years ago, with a combined force of talented tradespeople, we continue to help you get your ‘hands-on’ whatever tool, product or line you need.

Our philosophy of excellence, sustainability and accountability speaks for itself.

Being 100% BC owned keeps us local,
so we grow and keep our economy strong together.[/su_expand]


[su_expand more_text=”+ more info” less_text=”close” height=”70″ text_color=”#4d555a” link_color=”#9fa1a3″]from our team to yours, we help direct you with demos, product knowledge and up-do- date technology – keeping you armed in your understanding, while increasing your skillsets.

Latest tools, materials, equipment and safety gear keep you in-the-know of developments to project your industry to the top of its game.

From our assets, distribution & resourcefulness, our availability suits you with convenient locations all around BC that continue to expand

So fix, construct & build on![/su_expand]