Our History

Passing along a legacy

Has been our trade since day one – taught from one hand to the other – each one building on the foundation of another. In the days of old-school apprenticeships and journeymen, experience counted for everything.

As we stand on the shoulders of those who have braved the industry naysayers before us, we would like to tell you our story and honor those who set our pace.

Our History

Seizing the day of
small beginnings

Where our founding visionaries had a drive to provide quality products and a dream in their heart befitting a strong and healthy upbringing for their families.
Not much has changed.


When commitment &
Integrity went the extra mile

Our name became our calling card. Our founders had sprung from the war generation. Our stability and longevity counted for everything. The hardest years of war had built steel into our bones and a new lease on life. A hard-working ethic and traditional values were a natural by-product of that generation being passed down into our core.

Building on the post-war era, the positive energy that fuelled the fire for expansion boomed. Ingenuity and need produced industry specific products that continued to grow as construction, plumbing and electrical companies tried to keep up with expansion. Improved suppliers were needed.

Alliances were soon to develop among coexisting personalities where ambitions and practicalities brought independents into stronger relationships.

Walk with us through our long, rich history.



The small beginning of a great legacy, and what a year to go down in the history books! In these early days, the Langtry family was deeply involved in industry as it was known then. In the 1920’s, importing and selling fasteners and other industry products help launch the family business back East in Winnipeg. This is where Grampa Langtry began LANGTRY AGENCIES.


Is where the legacy begins of David Langtry, son of the Senior Langtry. In 1961, the old days of railway distribution, Vancouver’s skyline never looked the same when a young David Langtry entered the industry. Working down on 326 East 5th, he built his forte as a specialty importer of nylon lock-nuts.

From there, David moved into the supply and construction world of the former Malkin & Pinton Industrial Supplies. By 29, he was working out of a business on East 55th Cordova, and working his way up into the big leagues of buying and hiring. He earned his pedigree the hard way – blood, sweat and tears. He continued his father’s legacy and involvement in LANGTRY AGENCIES which later became LANGTRY INDUSTRIES.

While also working back East, in Ontario, the 1960’s found Mr. Langtry running a top-notch sales agency, distributing all the valued products the industry required. As a specialty importer, he carved a niche of greatly desired products, quality service and an ethic of excellence. LANGTRY INDUSTRIES had a name all of it’s own.


In another realm, a young Warren Hansen had started his enterprise in his basement, in the Granville and West 3rd area. He serviced businesses with tools, equipment and fasteners, after working for others in the tools industry, This grew into the well-known company of HANSEN that had a stable foundation among plumbers, electrical and refrigeration contractors.


An unassuming character named Dennis Brown began his story at 16. Working his way from the bottom up in the similar trades industry, being more focused on the electrical end – he developed a keen eye for details in every niche of the industry. From 1977 – 1991, Dennis was a well-respected owner of SABRE INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES LTD.


Meanwhile, CASCADE Distributors Ltd. was founded by Terry Embling. This was where the Burnaby store began at 1st Avenue, which eventually moved to 7944 Winston Ave. and 7652 Winston Ave.


Finally, David Langtry’s years of experience and hard work pays off where he becomes directly involved in the CASCADE business.

At the same time, Dennis’ entrepreneurial spirit, along with his drive to survive and feed the kids, caused him to branch out onto his own. He realized his ‘dream’ out the basement of his home – and thus, RAIDER INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY INC. was born. From there Dennis continued his pilgrimage into founding and developing the well known RAIDER Brand, being stationed also in Burnaby at Cariboo Road.


As industries transition, morph and expand, merging long-standing relationships between HANSEN and RAIDER became a valuable and productive move. With owners in both companies, the merger was a natural partnership, with Dennis stepping in to fill others shoes.

Combining the excellence and strength of both companies, along with longevity, character and skill, RAIDER HANSEN was born.


Our Picks

Bridging the gaps

For tomorrow.
Where no dream is too big or idea too small to imagine what we dare think. Where the impossible happens.


we still get our hands dirty

At RAIDER HANSEN – continuing the legacy that our leaders envisioned. Hands-on, from-the-ground- up experience, handling every area of business – in tool and equipment trades – we have built our expertise from within.

We continue to expand at a rapid-pace that hasn’t been seen since the post-war era, a success story that would make our founders proud and amazed.

In this next phase of our journey, we begin to see the torch-pass in our company’s vision and transition



Passing the torch in this leg of the relay, David Langtry’s son, Rod, begins to move forward in his involvement with David’s business endeavours at CASCADE. Coming from sweat-equity working in the supplier industry, within, and for other corporations, Rod’s insight infuses visionary direction that heralds a new era of successful independents.

CASCADE now has two locations: Nanaimo and Burnaby.


Another store opens: Victoria.


And then comes: Penticton.


A day of new beginnings – April, 2011 heralds in a successful merger where CASCADE acquires RAIDER HANSEN to come together to form the ‘NEW’ RAIDER HANSEN.


June 1, 2012 – Official Press Release states: CASCADE DISTRIBUTORS LTD. and RAIDER HANSEN INC. merge to form CASCADE RAIDER HOLDINGS LTD. and remains 100% B.C. owned and operated with its focus of being the number one supplier to industry. Increased product selection, increased inventory, and an enlarged main distribution centre receive unmatched service levels.

OPERATING AS RAIDER HANSEN, all the store locations and distributorship expand to include: a new and enlarged Distribution Center in Burnaby at Remi Place, Port Kells, Abbotsford, Langley, Chilliwack, and Aldergrove.


In May 2016, our newest Raider Hansen location opens in Delta. With a total of TEN LOCATIONS, local service and supply levels were raised to a new level of excellence. We’ve come a long way since the railway days – with quick turnarounds to front door and on-site service.

the next generations

As great stories go, from a ‘Star Trek’ to a ‘Star Wars’ generation, and beyond – we still envision what will be next. Growing into 10 locations, and counting, we thrive to form and build the next skylines of BC and beyond, going further than all the forecasters predicted.

With values that stem back from multi-generational family trees, we continue to see growth, expansion and innovations in industrial products and supplies.

Looking back, we value the day of small beginnings and family ties. With an eye to the future, we continue to seize the day. Holding onto strong ethics, valuing trades and hard work, we believe in and envision our successful local industry.

Be there with us to usher in the next stage of our growth.