Our Mission

growing BC,
one industry at a time

Through excellence, service, quality and value.
As BC’s premier Tool and Equipment Supplier, we put your business first – supporting your trade, industry and projects.

You can feel at home with us, since we are a people company, thriving on innovative product knowledge, strong manufacturing relationships, and oh yeah, we’ve been around a long time.

Our Mission

Keeping it
close to home

Is where you’ll find us –local branches, local support, product selection, timely delivery, helpful advice and cost-efficiency for all your jobs.
We want to see your market share increase along with our projections.


our purpose
  • To build success into our customers and BC’s industries through work-efficient tools and equipment
our goal
  • Committed focus to being the number one supplier to BC’s industry with international impact
our position
  • 100% B.C. owned and operated
  • BC’s largest independent industrial supplier
  • Accessible, local branches in your community
  • Solid networks and distribution, locally and internationally
  • Building mutually beneficial relationships with increased market share
our standards
  • Supplying the highest standard of professional tools and equipment for the construction, plumbing, electrical, welding and safety industries including the contractor, professional, DIY-er, consumer and hobbyist
  • Valuing service, selection, quality, innovation, and timeliness
our affiliates
  • We are proud members and sanctioned by the Vancouver Regional Construction Industry, STAFDA and INDICA organizations
  • We have established solid, long-standing relationships with our manufacturer’s, partners and vendors, enhancing our preferred status, that continue our strong legacy foundations – spanning local supply to international trade
our people
  • Are ‘people’ people – forming genuine relationships
  • Lead by example, commitment and integrity
  • Have built trust and confidence
  • Are equipped and empowered for success
  • Are valued and add value
  • Embrace excellence
  • Contribute to our communities


our inside-outside sales

Available to meet the scope of all your requests – locally and hands on

our operations

Strategically positioned to get you quick delivery from our warehouse to your site

our buyers

Research, development and source-conscious to deliver you premier product and value that fit your bill

our admin

Fiscally responsible – maintaining accountability in money, time and people management

our management

Combined expertise, longevity and talent that produce a Stanley Cup winning team


Our Mission

Building strength
for tomorrow

For long-term industry gains.
As your main supply chain, together our influence and possibilities are endless.