our industry affects yours,
locally and globally…

…for your health and safety. And that is why we consciously seek responsible and cost-effective developments while reducing waste.

Our health, safety and green options add to your success and worker well-being. Keeping our working environment working is good for all of us.


wins every time

So that’s why we plan ahead for you and us. We’ve been around for long time and don’t plan on going anywhere soon.
Keep your eyes on our safety and health products suitable for all.


  • Our customers have safety concerns. We have heard and learned to address those needs for the well-being of a happier environment where people stay healthy and feel their best. We endeavor to set new standards in worker safety.
  • Building longevity and future stability is on the forefront of many minds, so that is why we plan for and build future initiatives to keep us all working healthier. Long-term buying builds a greater resource foundation. A localized economy keeps cash flow close to home.
  • Fire, elements, by-products, height and confinement conditions all play a role in potentially dangerous situations. Our forethought will give you peace of mind to reduce risk.
  • Supporting local business is one of our key missions – we all thrive in a healthy economy.
  • We endeavour to stay connected to our local environment. We fully support and sponsor many events you may see around town. We are here for you.
  • Years of upholding a high standard of excellence has proven our track record where trust has been earned. Contractors, trades, industry partners and customers keep coming back. Our BC tech, enviro stance and skillset has launched us onto the global platform of influence.
  • Our efforts to provide sustainable tools, supplies and equipment that customers can integrate, go further to reduce waste and operating costs. With continual research and development we strive for better long-term conditions. We believe in value, longevity and stability.

apply our supply chain
  • From gloves, degreasers, cleaners, de-icers, safety glasses, respirators, and welding helmets to coveralls, harnesses, safety vests, raingear, energy-efficient lighting, safety ladders, markers and paper products well, you get the picture

    – we’ve got you covered!



for tomorrow

From economic and social developments to
your environmental safety, we continually manage long- term solutions to shape a healthy future.