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By joining our ranks of Raider Hansen Certified Pros. For Contractors and Independents – from a ‘Mr. Fix-it’ to a ‘Mr. Rx-it’, we invite you to become closer knit to our partners and family of contacts.

We value and support localized, independent growth with a great referral program. Build your expertise alongside us, while gaining advantage of insider deal and valuable marketing tips.


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Local people, local talent. Our House Brand is widely recognized, where our people go the extra mile so you can too! Join the PRO club!


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To enhance our entire industry. You use the tools and equipment and offer great feedback. You’re an ‘on-the-road’, ‘real-life’, ‘hands-on’, type of guy, business or gal who doesn’t mind getting their feet and hands dirty.

Where the ‘rubber-hits-the-road’ and ‘in-the-trenches’ – that’s where the action’s at! We are a proud supporter of You!

So from our house to yours, it all starts here – at home.

family-friendly fire for hire

Is where our ‘peeps’ warm up to you. Our validation of your service provides an open-air atmosphere of trust. We build services for a lifetime.

We welcome your questions and concerns like a real family should.

Come aboard our team and request your Pro Card today!