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Before you commit to purchasing tools or equipment.
A risk-free trial will help you make your decision clearer, maybe even direct you to something different no pressure!

Our tool-tech experts can train, offer support or just plain consult for whatever you need!


Help is just one
experience away

From you successfully implementing a more efficient task. With a demonstration you develop your capabilities more quickly than on your own.
With our Pros in your corner, feel free to test away!


You gotta’ see it in action

To appreciate how cool some of the latest innovations in your industry work. From on-site to in-store demos, whatever tool or trade requirements you’d like to try, we’ll be on hand to show you how:

  • mobile demos
  • on-site demos
  • in-store demos
  • training
  • consultation
  • service & support
  • parts & maintenance
we get our hands dirty

Before you have to. All our products have been tried, tested and true – enough for us to assure you of quality usage needed for your industry.

We are pleased to pass on our first-rate knowledge that increases the quality of our industries all-around.

Our years of trades expertise have added value for your first-hand tool and equipment experience.

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